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Lemon Balm

This Herb has crinkled, light green leaves which give off a distinct lemon fragrance when crushed. These are strongly toothed with egg-shaped margins and an attractive hairy texture. Between June and September it produces small, elongated white flowers which are arranged in whorls at lead nodes on upright stems. Culinary Uses: Lemon Balm has a delicate lemon flavour, and can be used in many dishes. The chopped fresh leaves can be tossed into a salad or added to a sweet or tangy dish to add a lemony zest. It also makes a wonderful addition to herb butters, fruit drinks, ice creams and sorbets, as well as herbal teas, particularly as it has a relaxing and calming effect. It’s believed that teas made from lemon balm can be used to reduce or eliminate migraine headaches, toothaches and other pains of the mouth, and even relieve stress. Combining well with bay leaves, spearmint, pepper, rosemary and thyme, it makes an eye-catching garnish and its subtle flavour is great for using in egg dishes, custards, soups and casseroles. It makes an excellent stuffing for poultry, lamb or pork and can create a perfect sauce or marinade for fish

9cm Plant

Height & Spread: 2ft

Position: Full sun, in any herb bed or grown in containers

Care: Water well before planting and until established



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Adds a lemony zest to any dish

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