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3 Fuchsia Bush Plug Plants – Voodoo – Royal Velvet – Blacky

Fuchsia ‘Voodoo’ this double frilled fuchsia has intense red and layered purple flowers which has a subtle and silky appearance.

Fuchsia ‘Royal Velvet’ is a strong-growing upright medium-sized deciduous shrub, the double flowers with crimson tube and sepals, and deep purple petals, marked with red.

Fuchsia ‘Blacky’  is one of the deepest purple Fuchsia available with the ruffled feathery flowers looking almost black.

3 Plug Plants – Delivery from 27th March 2017

Flowering Time: Summer

How to grow: Plant in sun or part shade in fertile, moist, well drained soil. Keep soil moist.

Planting Suggestion: Once you get your plug plants home plant them into a 9cm pot, once frosts has passed you may plant them into your basket, patio tub, or direct into your garden and watch it grow.




Out of stock


Bush Fuchsia are rewarding and extremely easy to grow from plug plants


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